What Is Clinical Research?

  • A clinical research study is a medical study carefully designed to answer specific questions about a potential new treatment, such as how effective and safe it is, or the best dose to give to patients.
  • All potential new treatments have to be tested in clinical research studies.
  • All clinical research studies are reviewed and approved by an independent group of people called an ethics committee (including healthcare professionals and members of the general public) before they begin.
  • If you take part in a clinical research study, your condition will be closely monitored throughout by a JWM neurologist and a team of research professionals.

Why Participate In Clinical Research?

  • Despite the availability of current treatments, there still is a need for additional effective options to treat neurological conditions.
  • Treatment and procedures of the clinical trial may be provided at no cost.
  • Clinical trials provide the opportunity to receive treatments before they are available.
  • Participating in clinical trials offers the opportunity to further the advancement of treatments that may be effective for future patients.

For more information please contact us:

Kristina Cleveland, Research Manager

Tammy Root, Research Coordinator

Kristi Mann, Research Coordinator

Erica Williams, Research Coordinator

Tajuana Booker, Research Coordinator